Inquiries and reservations to Little Haven, phone or form below.
Inquiries and reservations to LittleHaven, contact from call or mail or web form below.
※Note: Staff is not good at English. Please speak slowly.
※Please book as far as possible early. If you have booked just before, we may not be able to provide a your seat.
※We may not be able to accept phone calls during business hours. Please inquire using e-mail as much as possible.
If your only contact method is by phone, please call in the evening.
If possible, ask the your hotel concierge for a reservation.
In the busy season, you may not be able to make a reservation even three days ago. Please make an email reservation early.



If you must cancel please be considerate. If you need to cancel. we need 24 hours notice. Please call us the day before. Please understand that we buy only fresh ingredients the same Day of you reservation. We prepare you meal many hours before you arrive. Please be on time or call if you will be late. Freshness and quality are our priorities. Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you will enjoy your meal and the experience of dining at LITTLE-HEAVEN.

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